Luca Rizzi


Luca Rizzi


Meet Luca Rizzi, co-founder of Milan-based Creative Agency CREATIVE AND MORE who opened up about his journey in the fashion industry, what it takes to run a creative agency in today's market and some of his professional highlights.

In a day and age where everyone wants to be a business Maverick, to meet one with integrity and soul is not only inspiring but also a true delight. 

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Did You Always Know You Wanted To Work In The Fashion Industry?

I Had My First Work- Experience At The Futurnet Group (Which Is Now Called Tomorrow Ltd). I Started Looking At Fashion From Two Different Perspectives: As A Way To Express Myself And As A Real Business Where I Could Grow And Use The Knowledge That I Possessed.

What Pushed You To Create Your Own Agency?

 First Of All I Always Felt The Need To Work According To My Needs And Then Because I Really Wanted To Help, First Hand, Designers And Startups. I Learn So Much From Them. I Help Them, But During Each Project They Literally Teach Me  Something New Especially On A Human Level.

Tell Us A Bit More About The Name CREATIVE AND MORE. 

Creativity Is Inventing And Experimenting, Which Means To Take Risks And To Break Rules. I Am In Love With Creative Personalities. They Make Me Trust In The Power Of Talent And Passion. I Want To Give The Chance To Myself And To All My Clients To Achieve Their Dreams And, Sometimes, To Create Something Even Bigger Than What They Were Expecting. Hence the name: CREATIVE AND MORE.

What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?

I Love When I Get To Know a Client Better, When I Receive An Unexpected Hug Or A Thank You After Seeing The First Results Of A Project, I Love To See Our Clients Happy And Proud Of The Work We Have Done For Them.

Tell Us About Some Of Your Professional Highlights?

CREATIVE AND MORE Is A Guide, We Stay Behind The Scenes.

The Client Is At The Centre Of The Stage. Once The Show Starts We Are In The Audience In Order To Be Always By Our Clients’ Side: This Is CREATIVE AND MORE’s Spirit.

How Do You Envision The Future Of Fashion?  

Fashion Means One Or More Collective Behaviors With Changing Criteria. I Believe That Fashion Is Part Of Our Society And One Of The Few Elements That Everyone Can Share Without Borders. I Think That Fashion Is And Will Always Be A Great Social Adhesive.

You Live And Work In Milan, What Do You Think About The Current Situation Of Made In Italy And The Italian Fashion Scene In General?

Made In Italy Is A Huge Value. The Italian Fashion Industry Needs To Work On The True Value Of It And To Reward Brands That Fight For It.

How Can People Keep Up To Date With CREATIVE AND MORE?

People Can Keep Up To Date With CREATIVE AND MORE On Our Instagram Profile @Creativeandmore. We Post Some Of Our Projects As Well As The Mood And Life-Style Of The Company.

You Deal With New Fashion Labels- What Advice Would You Give Aspiring Designers?

Think About What People Need Or Desire And Not About What Is Already On The Market.

What Did You Think Of The Last MFW (S/S2018)?

I Love Milan Fashion Week. My Favourite Thing About Fashion Weeks Is To Go Around And Look For Potential New Talents. I Have Been Really Attracted By Palazza Morando Because Of The Interesting Group Of Designers That Was Selected To Be There, Thanks To Special Projects And Competitions.

Are There Any Exciting Projects On The Horizon For CREATIVE AND MORE That You Would Like To Mention?

CREATIVE AND MORE Has Started Opening Its Horizon: Hiring New Talented People, Opening A New Office And Investing In New Projects. I Hope I Will Be Able To Tell You More Details Soon.

How Do You See your company In The Next Couple Of Years?

Naturally I Want To See It Bigger But I Want To Keep It Genuine And Honest As It Is Today.

Finally Three Words To Describe The Soul Of Your Agency. 

I’d Rather Use Our Payoff: ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, NEXT TO YOU!