Inga Wilkens


Inga Wilkens

SOL sat down with Hamburg-based artist inga wilkens whose subtle yet striking use of Color and shadow play in her art made sOL a forever fan. 

the beautiful and soft inga sat down with us to talk about what inspires her, her artistic journey and what makes her tick when creating. 

You can creep on more of her Work and Life on her Instagram and her Cargo Collective website.


As an Artist Aesthetics is critical- what is your personal understanding and definition of Aesthetics?

Aesthetics for me means to not only find beauty in harmony, but also in places you do not expect. It has a lot to do with one's own perception, intuition and the current state of mind which one feels for "beauty". I do not try to define aesthetics- I go through life every day and practice seeing and feeling. I observe what is around me and take from it with what I want. Most of the time it's the inconspicuous, simple things of daily life we pass by unconscioly   (due to the enormous sensory overload of modern life) that fascinate me. aesthetics for me is more of an intuition, an unconscious feeling that allows me stop and perceive the now.

What and who inspires your art?

I think the place where I grew up (Fischerhude) influenced me very much in my early childhood. The intense and natural commitment to nature, the exploration of earthly colors, the feeling of being free through the expansion of fields and the proximity of the sky, watching the play of light and shadow every second. Silence and clarity through the clean air. I am also fascinated by Impressionism and the culture of Zen.


In recent years the world of art and fashion have taken centre stage- what is your vision of these two different yet similar arts?

I'm honestly not too interested in what's going on in the fashion world. I've never been the kind of person who got dressed just to be in 'Fashion'. For me it is important to express myself -not to express "something" Now That is not easy. When and how do you know exactly who you are and what you really want to express without having the favor of others in the foreground. Every day is new and yet the same. It is Crucial for me that I feel good. I try dress every morning with something that expresses personal Clarity, ease and freedom. however in todays' world we have too many choices that will make it harder and harder for us to find our own center. We are looking too much at the external world.

Fashion and art are very close. To paint or wear what comes out of you, what you feel without looking at what is recognized and celebrated by society as 'Beauty'. This is difficult and requires a lot of courage especially today.

We all strive for uniqueness, yet we fail to show our uniqueness because we are afraid of rejection. So we unconsciously adjust visually and artistically to societal's idea of 'uniqueness'.

Does your artist persona infer on your every day life and more-over your personal style?

Yes Absolutely! for example my apartment is very important to me. I have Lots of pictures, ceramics, natural shades,  fresh flowers always and everywhere, colors and canvases at hand, a lot of books about people, life and art.


How would you describe your own artistic-style?

Chaotic light, involuntary and clear, seemingly centered.

Where do you go to seek inspiration when creating?

I don't have any special places I go to in order to be inspired. For me Inspiration is a process that takes place unconsciously every day. At some point it just comes over me and I have to spontaneously express all that has been experienced, felt and seen.

Do you have any muses you aspire to? If so who are they and why.

Franz Kline, Paula-Modersohn Becker, Henri Fantin Latour, Joan Miró .. They are all so different in their way of seeing and expressing something, but each of them has a pronounced intuition for colors, shapes, arrangements and, above all, the courage To get things to come, to go and to be when they feel like it.

architecture in its simple and clear beauty  as well as words, feelings or experiences that can be difficult to express or feel have always been fascinating and inspiring for me.


Your use of colour is so subtle and yet striking- does colour play a big role in your every day life?

I always look first at the arrangement of colors, no matter whether human, nature or objects. I'm a very visual person and therefore pick that up more effectively. If I was asked how I feel, I could answer it more quickly with a color than with words.

items you could not live without?

I could not live without materials that enable me to create something with my hands- Wood, clay, glass, stone, colors etc.

Where can one creep on your life and art?

You are most likely to find me on Instagram. I have a preliminary website on Cargocollective

An official website with Artworks and a shop is underway, but I can only deal with that properly when I have finished with my training as occupational therapist (from September 2018).


Finally if you could sum up your art in one item what would it be and why?

Hmm .. Could it rather be summed up in one word: Involuntarily

I'll start when I start. I do not plan my paintings but paint intuitively, spontaneously and observe the process, let myself go, Slow down and stop when I stop. Just as we should live life at best .. Without yesterday and tomorrow.